A Day of Healing

Dear Colleagues,
We hope you are taking some much needed time to rest and process the recent events in the Twin Cities. The trial is a reminder of the ongoing fight for justice in our communities. There is so much work to be done but we know that when we organize together, struggle together, and fight together, we win.
Last Saturday, around half of the staff bargaining unit joined the bargaining meeting in solidarity to allow our colleagues to see what bargaining is like and to request that the administration quit stalling on responding to the proposals we gave them over a month ago. Knowing we had the platform, we invited representatives from the Augsburg Day Student Government (ADSG), to meet members of the administration face-to-face to amplify the message students have been saying for far too long: this university needs a day of healing. We are all part of the Augsburg community and our voices are stronger together. We are grateful that the administration has given today to us, to heal together. But we also want to make it clear to the administration that we are all Auggies. We will not tolerate them saying student organizing is “inappropriate” because it’s not occurring in the space that the administration approves of.
The fight for a contract that lives up to Augsburg’s values will take more work and it will take all of us. Take this day to care for yourselves, rest, and reaffirm your support for a better, more equitable Augsburg.