Bargaining Update 09/02/2021

Dear Colleagues,

After back-to-back bargaining sessions earlier this week, we’ve got some exciting wins to share!

  • Tentative agreement on our article on health and safety.
  • Tentative agreement on our article on union rights.
  • Tentative agreement on our article on internal hiring.
  • Guaranteed staff union representation on University Council.
  • Guaranteed staff union representation on all safety-related university-wide task forces…More info to come!

See the full text of these tentative agreements here.

We also were able to come to a tentative agreement over language concerning discipline and discharge procedures, we are encouraged by the progress we made this week!

We have had some productive conversations at the table, providing space for all parties to voice their concerns, and coming to agreements in our contract language. But there is still a tense feeling. It is a very stressful time–In the last year, but especially in the last few weeks, we see and feel the high turnover at Augsburg. Our talented, passionate colleagues are leaving to find better opportunities, better balance, better benefits. Our departments are understaffed, and still everyone is doing their best to make this a great start to fall semester for students who are coming back to campus, or coming to campus for the very first time.

In the near future, our contract negotiations will turn to the economic changes and improvements we want and need: better wages, less expensive health insurance, meaningful cost of living adjustments, retirement contributions, and more. These are going to be tough conversations. Our union members and the administration will be paying very close attention. Showing our union support, and strategizing for a strong contract is crucial in the coming months–come to our CAT meeting to help plan for our success!

Due to a bargaining session last Tuesday, the Contract Action Team (CAT) will meet tonight from 6-8 pm. We will discuss what work needs to be done, how to divide up the work so we don’t burnout, and get to know each other as colleagues. Click this link to join at 6 pm tonight!

Reminder: all vaccinated and vaccine-exempt union members will be getting 16 hours in sick time credited to them after submitting verification to the administration. The bargaining team was told that we can expect those hours within the next couple of weeks. Please reach out to a member of the Contract Action Team or if you have any questions. This was what we won after we requested to bargain over vaccinations last month!