Bargaining Update

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Dear Colleagues,
Our next round of bargaining is tomorrow at 10 am and we need your help (it’s easy–details below). We won our union more than three months ago. Bargaining began over a month ago. So far, administration has failed to suggest any improvements or respond to our top priorities.
What are our priorities as outlined in our contract proposal?

  • Equitable wage increases and a salary floor based on living standards data for Hennepin County.
  • Healthcare premium contributions that support ourselves and our families.
  • A plan to collaborate on choosing healthcare options for the future. 
  • Expanded, and more flexible, time off that accounts for the needs of families. 
  • No time limits on reporting grievances regarding assault or discrimination.
  • Free parking and access to public transportation.
  • A tuition freeze for all students for two years.

Administration stated they won’t negotiate economic issues until non-economic issues are settled. It is discouraging that administration comes to our negotiations with few to no proposals or suggestions. We want to be optimistic, and we continue to do our work to build our contract proposals, but we need the help of our union colleagues to let the administration know that this slow pace, and refusal to discuss critical work issues is unacceptable. We need everyone’s help to demonstrate that our seat at the table will not be disregarded. 
Tomorrow at 10 am we enter the negotiation room again, and we want you to join us! 
We need you to show up in solidarity for the first 15 minutes of negotiations from 10-10:15am. Join our zoom meeting with your union background (options attached below). This is an act of solidarity, to observe the process that represents you, and prove to the administration that we are at the table to negotiate a better Augsburg for everyone. You don’t need to make a speech, we just need to see you there!  We will open the Zoom at 9:45 am. Please join no later than 10 am. The registration is managed by our friends at OPEIU Local 12, and it is our protected right to have negotiations open to all.
In solidarity, we will also welcome student government representatives to the first 15 minutes of negotiations. Our union has received astounding support from students, student government, and The Echo. Now, the students need our support. Students are asking to stop work and classes for a day due to the extreme stress, trauma, and violence our communities are facing due to Covid and the continued murder of and violence toward BIPOC communities. We stand in solidarity with them in this request. 
We hope that this small, but hugely meaningful act of support will be an energizing start to your Saturday morning. See you tomorrow morning!
If you need any assistance in attending the negotiation meeting, please let us know. 
We will be updating you later that afternoon with how the day’s negotiations went.