Covid 19 TF Update

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Dear Colleagues,

The COVID-19 Task Force meeting has been cancelled for this week. Here are updates the COVID Task Force was sent in replacement of a meeting time:

  • As reported in the June 9 meeting and as shown on the Dashboard, the 7-day case rate in Hennepin County rose back above 300 per 100,000 population as of Wednesday, June 7. It has since declined slowly to the low 200s, as has Ramsey County.
  • The 2022 line in the graph above shows how the overall case rate trend in MN has flattened after declining a bit from mid/late May.

We also set up a Google Form so Augsburg Staff Union members could state their questions or concerns to be addressed at the meeting. We did not receive any questions this week.Urgent questions related to COVID-19 should not be submitted via the Google Form, those questions should continue to be sent to, calling 612-474-3100, and/or by using the Augsburg self-reporting form.

The staff union representative will continue to send weekly updates based on information gathered in the COVID Task Force meetings and questions asked in the google form.