Demonstrating Our Majority

Header: Agusburg Staff. Augsburg Values. Augsburg Contract.

Dear Colleagues,
The campaign for an Augsburg contract with Augsburg values takes all of us! Here are some things we are asking one another to do to demonstrate our majority support:

  • Sign the petition. This petition, which is open to both staff and Augsburg community members, is requesting that the administration address our priority proposals regarding wages and healthcare.
  • Answer the question: what would these proposals mean for you?Our contract proposals represent a long-term effort by staff to help Augsburg University live up to its mission. These proposals start at home for us. What would it mean to have a wage that can support my family? What would it mean for me to not worry about covering my health needs? What would it mean for me to know I can retire securely?
  • Continue using your Zoom backgrounds and email signatures. By our count, half of the bargaining unit has been using Zoom backgrounds at work! In our virtual world, Zoom backgrounds and email signatures are the best way to let our colleagues know we have their backs and they have ours.
  • Join the Contract Action Team! We meet every Tuesday at 6:30 pm. Here is the link to RSVP.
  • Talk to your coworkers! Open communication is a crucial part of this campaign. We want to make sure everyone in the bargaining unit is aware of how negotiations are going. Contract negotiations are an open and evolving process.

Please let us know at if you need any assistance in attending our Contract Action Team meetings.