Next bargaining session

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Dear Colleagues,
This afternoon, our bargaining team will meet with the administration for the fifth session of bargaining. In the last session, we were given responses to our proposals from admin that were mostly “No” or “The employer reserves the right to change this policy at their sole discretion.” 
Our proposals have been on the table for nearly three months–is this their best response? The administration is paying themselves and their lawyer, but not our bargaining team, to be in negotiations. The least they can do is a little homework outside of class to present us with a substantive counter-proposal.
Federal law mandates that the administration show up to our bargaining sessions; but it’s our shared values at Augsburg University that mandate we go the extra mile to work together to improve our institution. This is why we voted for our union: we want a better Augsburg for all!
Bargaining is expected to last into the evening, so we will send an update tomorrow morning.

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Add your name–nearly 50% of the staff have so far, plus hundreds of community supporters! We’re asking the administration to act in accordance with Augsburg values while at the bargaining table. Give us meaningful responses to our proposals, pay bargaining team members for their time, and, most importantly, discuss our economic proposals with us. 
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