November 20 Update

Hello Supporters of the Augsburg Staff Union,

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us last week for our Virtual “Shine a Light” Vigil on Facebook Live! Having the support and solidarity of community, students, faculty, alumni, gives us the strength and resolve to press on in our campaign for a voice and seat at the table.

It has now been over 3 weeks since we announced our staff union and asked the Administration and President Paul Pribbenow for a fair process to recognize our union. It has also been over a week since we provided a detailed election agreement to President Pribbenow and we have yet to receive any substantive response either agreeing to our proposal or proposing something different.

While Augsburg professes many admirable and progressive values in the community, creating unnecessary delays and dragging out the process is a typical anti-union response we’d expect to see from a large corporation, not Augsburg. Whether the delays are intended to harm our campaign or not, the Administration must be held accountable and urged to live up to its own values.

What we are asking is simple: Let us vote. Let us have a fair, timely, and inclusive election where we will confirm our strong majority of support among staff that have already come forward publicly to request recognition.

Please take a moment to contact President Paul Pribbenow and ask him to support a fair, timely, inclusive process for the Augsburg Staff Union to be recognized. You can call and leave him a message at 612-330-1212, email at or message on Twitter @PaulPribbenow

If you’d like to publicly endorse our campaign, you can submit a statement and photo here.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on the progress in our campaign and thanks again for your support and all you do in our community!