One year of Augsburg Staff Union!

Dear Colleagues,

Today marks one year since we officially won our union.

Like many things about Augsburg University, our union is exceptional.

We’re the first union of private university staff members in Minnesota history!

We organized our union almost entirely during a global pandemic.

Like most unions, we organized it from the ground up. It started long before January 2021. We took no shortcuts. One conversation at a time until it was clear that an overwhelming majority of us wanted it.

Despite the administration slowing bargaining down, we’ve won major changes that have already taken effect:

  • 2022 healthcare premium increases cut by half
  • Permanent spot on Covid-19 Task Force and other safety committees
  • Permanent spot on University Council
  • Guaranteed cost of living increase for 2021
  • Sick time credited to all members who get a Covid vaccine or exemption
  • Stewards elected

Here’s to another year of solidarity.

There’s no question that it has been a difficult year for everybody. The challenges that every new union faces have been amplified for us by the pandemic. As members of the Contract Action Team, we are so proud of our colleagues for joining together in solidarity during this long fight for a better Augsburg.

The entire Augsburg community stands to benefit from our contract proposals. Our families, our children, our spouses, all stand to benefit from this contract. Even the administration will benefit from the clarity, transparency, and structure our proposals provide. Our contract will make Augsburg a better, more sustainable place to work.

Let’s continue this work together. Stay tuned, we’ve got an exciting 2022 planned.