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For over a year, Augsburg staff have talked about how our workplace conditions impact our ability to effectively serve Augsburg students. We have collectively decided that forming a union will empower us to better pursue our shared mission at Augsburg, and are pleased to announce  we have joined together to form our Augsburg Staff Union with OPEIU Local 12!

We act in the conviction that forming a union will bring us into better alignment with our values as individuals and as a University. For this reason, our Augsburg Staff Union mission statement draws inspiration from Augsburg’s core values and stated goals. We believe when staff join together we can have a voice in making our workplace better for everyone.

Forming this union promotes transparency, ensures equity, increases staff well-being, and adds to the long list of reasons why staff members are proud to work at Augsburg. Each of us feels a deep sense of gratitude for the work that those in senior leadership have done to build this institution and make it a place that inspires us, our students, our faculty, and our broader community. By agreeing to recognize our Union, the Administration has demonstrated with meaningful concrete action to our community that the Augsburg of the future includes and respects the contributions and voices of professional and clerical staff. 

The work we do in solidarity with our community partners strengthens the greater Augsburg community, and we are grateful for your partnership.

If you would like to help our effort, Please follow us on social media, and when we ask for your help, call and/or email Augsburg President Paul Pribbenow ( 612-330-1212) and express your support for the Augsburg Staff Union.