Staff Union Campaign Update

Email sent out to all supporting staff on October 28, 2020:


We have reached a very exciting moment in our Augsburg Staff Union campaign! We will officially deliver our public letter to President Pribbenow this Thursday, October 29th, and kick off the public phase of our campaign. We are hoping that President Pribbenow and the Augsburg Board of Regents will respond to the letter within one week and grant us voluntary recognition of our union. However, we are also prepared with other steps to take in order to win our voice and seat at the table – this could include further collective action, outreach to the community and other stakeholders, and more.

Since we are kicking off our public campaign, we wanted to celebrate the strength of our collective voices. We are gathering in Murphy Square Park on Thursday, October 29th at 11:50 am. We will be passing out Augsburg Staff Union-branded masks, celebrating this historic moment, and talking through the vision we have for our campaign. We will be adhering to guidelines for COVID safety, including keeping six feet of social distance and wearing face masks – we ask that anyone planning to attend also follow these guidelines. We hope you can join us in celebrating, as well as pick up your mask to show your Augsburg Staff Union support.

As always, we’re here if you have any questions. We are so excited to take this monumental step forward together for our future!

In solidarity,

Augsburg Staff Union Organizing Committee

OPEIU Local 12