Town Hall Tuesday, March 23rd

Header: Agusburg Staff. Augsburg Values. Augsburg Contract.

Dear Colleagues,
You are invited to our next Town Hall! It will be Tuesday, March 23rd at 12 pm! Here is the link to RSVP:
This Town Hall will be an opportunity to update staff on bargaining and to discuss what the proposals we’ve written mean to us.
To request accommodations for the town hall, please email us at
We’ve been using our Zoom backgrounds and email signatures to demonstrate solidarity! This is how we’re showing support for not only the bargaining proposals but also for each other. Winning an Augsburg Contract with Augsburg Values is going to take all of us!
Here’s where you can download a Zoom background or Zoom profile image (with instructions):
We’ve been using the following in our email signatures:

  • I am a proud supporter of the Augsburg Staff Union
  • I support an Augsburg Contract with Augsburg Values

Check out our Zoom backgrounds in action!

Please feel free to join our weekly Contract Action Team meeting also on Tuesday, March 23rd at 6:30 pm! Here is the link to RSVP:
Please reach out to us at if you need any assistance in attending our CAT meetings.