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Bargaining Update 09/02/2021

Dear Colleagues, After back-to-back bargaining sessions earlier this week, we’ve got some exciting wins to share! Tentative agreement on our article on health and safety. Tentative agreement on our article on union rights. Tentative agreement on our article on internal hiring. Guaranteed staff union representation on University Council. Guaranteed staff union representation on all safety-related […]

Bargaining and Town Hall this week

Dear Colleagues,Bargaining resumes this morning. We appreciate that the frequency of our meetings has increased. This is a factor in bringing us closer to an Augsburg contract with Augsburg values. The language we are bargaining over currently–internal hiring, discipline, union and management rights–is crucial to come to an agreement on. However, we still see no reason […]

July 20 Bargaining at Noon Today

Dear Colleagues,Bargaining continues today at 12 pm. We concluded the last session with a counter on discipline and internal hiring policies sent back to the administration, so we anticipate a response on those.To see what other proposals are left to reach an agreement on, check out our Proposal Tracker on our website.As we said in last […]

July 14 Bargaining Update

Dear Colleagues,Bargaining concluded yesterday evening with some progress made on articles concerning internal hiring and discipline. We still have some work to do to come to an agreement, but we made progress.We also want to acknowledge that yesterday’s bargaining session was the first one we’ve had where the administration showed up prepared. This is what […]

Bargaining Continues Today

Dear Colleagues,Welcome to all of our new Augsburg Staff Union colleagues! We invite everyone to the weekly Union Staff Lunch in Murphy Square every Wednesday at noon (in case of rain or bad weather, we meet in the cafeteria). Bring your lunch, get to know your colleagues, and hear updates about the union.Today at 1pm we are […]

Bargaining update and New CAT meeting times

Dear Colleagues,We concluded our sixth round of bargaining at noon today. Today we brought our shared Augsburg Values to the table and made progress in retaining our valuable and talented staff–we reached an understanding regarding the hiring of internal applicants. Some work remains, but the administration’s team has expressed their intent to agree to language that […]

Check out our new Proposal Tracker!

Dear Colleagues,We’ve gotten a lot of requests for a way to track what we have proposed and how the administration has responded, so we developed a quick and easy table for everyone to follow the status of our major proposals.Here’s a portion of the new proposal tracker feature we have up and running on our website: […]

June 3 Bargaining Session Update

Dear Colleagues, Our fifth bargaining session with the administration concluded late last night with some progress made, as well as a clear sense of the work that still needs to be done to create an Augsburg contract with Augsburg values.We’ve been showing up, and the administration has noticed. They know our strength and they know that […]

Next bargaining session

Dear Colleagues,This afternoon, our bargaining team will meet with the administration for the fifth session of bargaining. In the last session, we were given responses to our proposals from admin that were mostly “No” or “The employer reserves the right to change this policy at their sole discretion.” Our proposals have been on the table for […]

Highlights from last week’s union picnic

Dear Colleagues,Last week’s union picnic in Murphy Square Park was a strong showing of solidarity and community! We enjoyed cookies and the spring weather as we talked about what lies ahead in bargaining. Some of our colleagues spoke to us as we gathered about how the contract proposals reflect our shared values of equity, progress, and our […]