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June 3 Bargaining Session Update

Dear Colleagues, Our fifth bargaining session with the administration concluded late last night with some progress made, as well as a clear sense of the work that still needs to be done to create an Augsburg contract with Augsburg values.We’ve been showing up, and the administration has noticed. They know our strength and they know that […]

Next bargaining session

Dear Colleagues,This afternoon, our bargaining team will meet with the administration for the fifth session of bargaining. In the last session, we were given responses to our proposals from admin that were mostly “No” or “The employer reserves the right to change this policy at their sole discretion.” Our proposals have been on the table for […]

Highlights from last week’s union picnic

Dear Colleagues,Last week’s union picnic in Murphy Square Park was a strong showing of solidarity and community! We enjoyed cookies and the spring weather as we talked about what lies ahead in bargaining. Some of our colleagues spoke to us as we gathered about how the contract proposals reflect our shared values of equity, progress, and our […]

We Bring Augsburg Values to Bargaining

Dear Colleagues,We had our fourth bargaining session yesterday and learned a lot about how the administration views our union. Frankly, we’re tired of the administration’s us-versus-them mentality. We organized this union to improve Augsburg, to build an Augsburg that fully lives up to its values. Why would Dawn Miller, Katie Bishop, and their well-paid attorney […]

Next Bargaining Session Today

Dear Colleagues,Bargaining resumes today at 9 am and is expected to last until 5 pm. Our expectations for today are the same as last week: Admin should be ready to respond to our counter proposals onArticle 15. They have had an extra week to review it. We anticipate hearing their reasoning for gutting so much […]

Next Bargaining Session is Today

Dear Colleagues,At 2 pm today, the members of the bargaining team meet the administration for the next round of bargaining. This session is expected to go until 9 pm. We are going into this session expecting to hear the administration’s responses to several articles. First, their responses to Article 15. At the last bargaining session, the administration […]

Demonstrating Our Majority

Dear Colleagues,The campaign for an Augsburg contract with Augsburg values takes all of us! Here are some things we are asking one another to do to demonstrate our majority support: Sign the petition. This petition, which is open to both staff and Augsburg community members, is requesting that the administration address our priority proposals regarding […]

A Day of Healing

Dear Colleagues,We hope you are taking some much needed time to rest and process the recent events in the Twin Cities. The trial is a reminder of the ongoing fight for justice in our communities. There is so much work to be done but we know that when we organize together, struggle together, and fight […]

We Stood Together in Solidarity

Dear Colleagues,This morning at 10:00 am we began our third contract bargaining session. Members of the bargaining team and nearly 60 members of the Augsburg staff met with administration representatives Dawn Miller and Katie Bishop and their attorney, Meggen Lindsay. Staff members presented a statement expressing their disappointment with how the administration is attempting to […]