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Bargaining tomorrow: What’s at stake

Dear Colleagues,This is a reminder that our next round of bargaining is tomorrow at 8 AM. We’re expecting to hear the administration’s response to our proposals. To recap, this is what’s at stake:  Effective January 7, 2021 all bargaining unit members will receive either a 7% increase in their salary/hourly wage or have their salary/hourly/wage […]

Recap of our first bargaining session

Dear Colleagues,A little bit ago, at 2:00 pm, our colleagues on the Bargaining Team concluded the first session of negotiations with representatives from the administration, Dawn Miller and Katie Bishop, and the University’s representing attorney, Meggen Lindsay. The union was represented by Annie Chen, Keanon Cooper, Lauren White, Marcus Jenkins, Maren Stoddard Mack, Mike Bloomberg, […]

Bargaining Begins today

Dear Colleagues,The first day of bargaining is today! The Bargaining Team is excited to submit our first proposal! Stay tuned for an email later in the day for an update on what happened and what we proposed.Please wear maroon today in solidarity with the Bargaining Team. Let’s show administration that we’re excited to work with […]