11/13 Update email

Hi everyone,

We hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy as we move into some more statewide Covid-19 restrictions this evening. This email is a bit of a read, but we think it’s critically important to be transparent and informative with this process that we know is new for many of us. Thank you for engaging!

We want to provide an update on our process for union recognition and share some next steps. 

  • President Pribbenow and the administration have refused our request for voluntary recognition, as well as a simple card check of our majority, but have agreed to a neutral 3nd party secret ballot election. 
  • They proposed using MN Bureau of Mediation Services (BMS), which is a statewide agency experienced in these processes. We have accepted this proposal. 
  • BMS has agreed to run our Augsburg Staff Union election via mail-in ballot.
  • We presented an election agreement based on BMS standard operating procedures to President Pribbenow on Thursday, Nov 12, and asked for a response, at minimum to the timeline, by Monday, Nov. 16th. This would allow us to conclude a timely election process by December 7th. 
  • Our request, which is laid out in the election contract, is to ensure a timely, equitable, and inclusive election process. One that includes all eligible staff, and is completed before the end of the fall semester. We believe it is important that the administration recognize all of our voices before we move into the holidays, winter break etc… 

Last night, we held our “Shine a Light for Workers’ Rights” vigil outside of the Augsburg House and live streamed it via Facebook. President Pribbenow joined us! If you missed it, you can view the recording here. We presented a community support petition signed by almost 600 alumni, faculty, students, and community members who have our backs, and a few of those people spoke at the event. It was a great moment to celebrate how much power we hold when we come together! 

We asked our supporters to continue showing their support by taking the following actions; we encourage you to do the same, and share with your networks:

  • Over the next couple of days, call and email President Pribbenow and ask him to commit to a fair, timely, and inclusive recognition process. Here is his contact information: 612-330-1212, prib…@augsburg.edu 
  • Download and use our Zoom virtual backgrounds for work meetings
  • Keep up to date with the information and our actions on AugsburgStaffUnion.org and follow us on social media: facebook, instagram, and twitter pages 
  • If you have questions about the union, want to talk to a colleague, or want to add your support by signing a Union Card, contact us at AugsburgS…@gmail.com

We will be holding another zoom Town Hall/Q&A on Friday, 11/20 at 5:30pm for ALL eligible staff. Please join us to meet your colleagues and get your questions answered. Even if you don’t feel supportive of this movement, your voice will be included, so it’s important that you feel fully informed before any vote. These town halls are a place for open dialogue and we encourage all questions. 

A heads up: At their request, we are also holding a Q&A for students next week on Thursday evening. 

Just think, health insurance election forms are due today… Imagine how that process could be improved once we have a say in our health care choices! 

What questions do you have? How can we help? Please don’t hesitate to be in touch. We’re all learning together and moving forward together. We are powerful when we are united, and we can work for our right to have a seat at the decision making table. 

In solidarity,

Augsburg Staff Union Organizing Committee

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