July 14 Bargaining Update

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Dear Colleagues,
Bargaining concluded yesterday evening with some progress made on articles concerning internal hiring and discipline. We still have some work to do to come to an agreement, but we made progress.
We also want to acknowledge that yesterday’s bargaining session was the first one we’ve had where the administration showed up prepared. This is what collaboration looks like, and we expect this spirit to continue throughout the rest of bargaining. Every time the administration sees a Zoom background, sees us eating lunch together in the park, sees someone wearing a Union button, or one of our quotes online, they see our united resolve to win a fair contract. That’s why it’s so important to continue demonstrating our solidarity!
Check out theproposal trackeron our website for an overall look at what our proposals are and how the administration has responded to them. You’ll notice that we’ve made some progress, but we’ve still got a long way to go to win an Augsburg contract with Augsburg values. We were able to secure four more bargaining dates before the start of fall semester.
Let’s get to work!

Union Lunch every Wednesday at Noon in Murphy Square Park